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SoX Working in Partnership With Georgia Tech on CC* Grant to Enhance Connectivity to Small and HBCU Researchers in Alabama 

Georgia Tech, working in partnership with Southern Light Rail (SLR) and its high-speed research network Southern Crossroads (SoX), is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a CC* grant through the National Science Foundation. This award is allowing Georgia Tech to install pre-configured hardware appliances for connectivity, performance management, and large data transfers at SoX which will enhance connectivity to smaller and HBCU institutions in Alabama.

Both the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU) and the University of South Alabama (USA) will benefit by being able to transition their connectivity from a low-bandwidth ISP to a true high speed R&E network to increase their research efforts in the field of multi-spectral imaging for medical and other life science applications as well as the analysis of sensor data from airplanes.

With the enhancement of the network at AAMU, this will further research by assisting UAVs to manage agricultural data collection and analysis, improve astrophysics visualization and virtual mentoring research. The University of South Alabama will be able to increase the data transfer between their university and industry partners eliminating the need to exchange physical hard drives.

Covid-19 Statement

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